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Saturday, July 7, 2012

July Event - Vermont Cheesemakers Festival 2012

Coming July 22 at Shelburne Farms, this year's Vermont Cheesemakers Festival should be a must-see!

Here are some images to give you an idea of what you will experience at the Festival.  Held on the magnificent grounds of Shelburne Farms, over 200 of the finest regional producers gather to show their wares.

Driving in, you may pass the Farm's herd of Brown Swiss cows.

Follow the road until you get to Lake Champlain. The venue overlooks this view:

Some visitors along the shore:

Inside the show, there are wonderful tasting displays, like this Burrata from Maple Brook Farms:

Chat with Jeremy Stephenson of Spring Brook Farms, producer of an exquisite Tarantaise:

Sample some bonne bouche and cultured butter from Vermont Butter & Cheese!

Tip:  buy some cultured butter, and sneak out back with a loaf of crusty Red Hen bread.....

Try some rich, nutty Cabot Clothbound Cheddar:

Or a lovely, ripe goat cheese....

Later, drive over to the Shelburne Farm Barn, a gargantuan  three-sided structure housing exhibits, animals to admire and pet, spare equipment, a cheesemaking room, and who knows what else.

Cheddaring in the Farm Barn:

 If you come, I know you'll enjoy the day.  See you there!

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