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Friday, December 10, 2010

Alsatian Holiday Cake

This year, try making Kugelhopf, the light brioche cake from Alsace.  This yeasted coffeecake makes an excellent holiday present.

Kugelhopf, a lovely holiday cake from the region of Alsace, is a light, airy brioche.  According to Wikipedia, "The part "Gugel-" is a corruption of the Middle High German word Kugel ("ball" or "globe"). The part "-hupf" relates to the verb "hüpfen" (jump) and is a reference to the cake surface going up while being baked."
Whole almonds cover the top of he cake and become embedded as it bakes, and the entire cake may be coated with slivered almonds.  According to Calvel in The Taste of Bread, the raisins are soaked in schnapps, marc or grappa. Confectioners sugar is used to coat the cake and add sweetness.

This cake is typically baked in a distinctive spiral bundt pan, made of clay.  In the US, there are silicone versions available, which may be easier to use than the traditional pan.  However, you can bake this cake in any appropriately-sized tube pan with good results.  The cake pictured above was baked in a pudding mold.

Kugelhopf pan-didates

 I  adapted a recipe incorporating natural yeasts.  This sourdough Kugelhopf is a subtle, sophisticated sweet bread that goes perfectly with tea. I thought you'd like to consider making this cake for your friends and family.

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  1. You have been on a baking spree of late! And these are just as gorgeous as your other ventures.

  2. Thanks @julialikesred! Yes, baking a lot... .I'm going to be doing some farmers market and contract baking, and am developing these and other recipes for that purpose.

  3. This looks so festive, airy and light. I think it might steal my heart even more than my fave panetone.

  4. Thanks! And @Carolyn Jung, check out my new post on Panettone! It's a weekend's project, but really worth it. Takes much longer than the Kugelhopf though. --Sue

  5. I lucked on to your blog via Serious Eats a little earlier and am so happy to have found it. I am very much interested in the recipe for the Kugelhopf which is one of our favorite cakes. I have tried unsuccessfully to access it -is it available? Thanks.

    Elle Hyson

  6. recipes for kugelhopf, please. thanks.

  7. Why talk about such a nice cake teasing us and not include the recipe?

  8. I'm sold! It looks and sounds gorgeous. May I please have the recipe?

  9. Hello
    how do we try making this beautiful cake


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